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Protect yourself 24 / 7 with complete UL certified monitoring, and the highest rated alarm systems available.  Our fire alarm systems provide unbeatable accuracy and ease-of-use for your building personnel, installers, and even firefighters.  All the features that make them simple to handle are designed to reduce costs as well.  From flexible architecture, to time-and-money-saving installation features, our intelligent fire detection and fire alarm systems support a broad range of buildings, applications and markets.

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Facility Safety

Many of today’s facilities utilize a variety of systems to monitor and manage operations and emergency communications.  These systems often cannot communicate with each other, and most require a high level of human interaction—and these factors can increase the risk of human error and increase response time.  In the end, managing too many disparate systems impedes your ability to respond effectively in an emergency.

With a comprehensive mass notification system, you get centralized command and control to effectively respond to any emergency.


We provide designs & security solutions that not only meet, but exceed customer needs.  We provide the industry-specific experience and advanced technology to define your needs, design, build, commission, operate, maintain and, finally, modernize and expand your security solution.  Our portfolio is comprised of the highest quality technology products that allow us to design and integrate the most effective solutions for your organization.  

With more than 20,000 installations across the North West, Communication Resources has developed an exceptional knowledge base of market solutions that include Telecom Products, Alarm Systems, Surveillance TV, & Infrastructure to name a few. Our technicians have the expertise needed to deliver customized, intelligent solutions that meet your unique challenges, improve operational effectiveness, increase cost efficiencies and achieve a higher level of safety and security for your organization.

Mass Notification

When seconds matter, an integrated mass notification solution is critical to effective emergency response.  It's often difficult to reach and account for people during an unexpected crises.  Without a proper emergency mass notification solution, alerting people could waste critical response time, as incidents are unpredictable and standard methods of deployment generally require the use of many disparate systems.

A mass notification solution (MNS) that leverages today's technologies gets the message through to the right people, at the right time, no matter where they are or what they are doing.  You don’t have to limit your use of Desigo Mass Notification to emergencies, either.  Our MNS can easily handle routine communications, such as announcing special events, too.  A comprehensive MNS includes a full range of communication tactics that actively interrupts recipients with targeted, customized messages.

Help Lower InSurance Costs

One of the best ways to lower your insurance costs is to have a proactive emergency response system in place.  You buy insurance to protect you financially and provide peace of mind if an emergency arises.  It’s important to have an installation done by a company whose proven in the industry to lower costs as much as possible.  Proven effective solutions that increase response time help prevent losses so Insurance Companies will reward safe businesses.

Along with reducing insurance costs our advanced solutions are also some of the lowest cost in the industry.

complete Alarm Systems

Buildings are expected to be comfortable, safe and connected today. They’re also expected to play a role in improving productivity. When the environment in your building can be measured, monitored and adapted in response to tenant needs, tenants can better focus on their work – meeting their business needs and ultimately helping you meet yours.

More office centers are transforming into high-performance buildings.  Workspaces are more welcoming, productive, and less costly to operate. And we are helping to lead the way with complete alarm systems.  Our comprehensive portfolio of commercial office solutions and services combines the people, processes, and technology that make high-performance buildings happen. With a tailored approach, we help you meet today’s goals, while positioning you to address tomorrow’s challenges. Backed by global depth and expertise, our solutions are implemented and supported by an office near you, with a team dedicated to keeping your premises secure, tenants safe and comfortable, and your building running efficiently.

Central Station Monitoring

With Managed Security Systems from Communication Resources, security is not just a system or service; it’s a solution. Our integrated solution combines comprehensive systems, intelligent software and ongoing service to protect your assets and employees. We meet your need for a fast, reliable and technically knowledgeable partner, as well as provide you with best-in-class security services for less than the cost of in-house, full-time security resources.

Central Monitoring allows you to Pay Less and Be More Secure.  Our Remote Security Station is the best solution for security professionals who want a comprehensive solution, but have limited budget or in-house expertise to administer, manage or monitor their systems.  Central Monitoring is a complete service suite that allows your team to focus on your core business, while we focus on implementing and executing your security protocols through the physical security system.  With Central Monitoring, our expert team can administer, manage and monitor your security protocols through your access control, video and audio systems.  This service also offers access to our hosted web portal where you can connect to your system for complete transparency or manage some of the systems yourself.

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We do not provide dial tone for phone services nor provide internet connection.
We Install, Repair, and Maintain Internet, Phone, Data Networks, and Complete Monitoring Services.
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